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Getac is committed to creating a happy, safe workplace. We recruits, employs, and cultivates talents according to principles of fairness and equality because we depend on the capabilities of our employees. The recruitment procedure is based on local regulatory standards, choosing suitable talents irrespective of their race, religious belief, nationality, political tendency, age, and marital status.

icon_teamEmployee Rights and Interests

Getac affords all employees a safe and reasonable working environment where their rights and interests are guarded. The company’s work rules specify requirements on work hours, equal employment, freedom of association, salary and welfare, career development, and occupational health and safety in order to protect the rights and interests of our employees.


  • Concern for Labor Rights and Prohibiting Against Use of Chid Labor: Getac has invariable adhered to local laws and regulations, including provisions on human rights, labor, and child labor in Taiwan’s Labor Standard Act and Kunshan’s Labor Law of the People's Republic of China. Getac is also dedicated to complying with the international human right standards of Electronic Industry citizenship coalition Code of Conduct (EICC) by forbidding forced labor and prohibiting against the hiring of underage children. In 2016, Taiwan headquarters and Kunshan plants fulfilled the annual performance criteria, as evident by the results of governmental, EICC, or external investigations, which indicated no case of violation occurred.
  • Harmonious Labor-Management Reations: Getac is committed to creating a transparent, open corporate culture by providing competitive salary welfare, comprehensive training programs, and comfortable and safe workplace to motivate employee retention and attract potential employees. If employees submit their resignation, Getac immediately arranges a meeting to determine their reason of leave and persuade them to stay.
  • Labor-Management Communications: Various interna communication channels are provided, including regular employee meetings, quarterly e-newsletters, and internal company portal. In addition, all supervisors are encouraged to talk face to face with their employees. Such bidirectional communication ensures employees’ rights and welfares. Additionally, Taiwan headquarters and Kunshan plant both have grievance channel in place, encouraging employees and stakeholders to file grievances regarding labor, human rights, and environmental problems.
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  • Freedom of Association: The Staff Welfare Committee has adopted the Social Club Application and Subsidy Regulations, which is disclosed on the company’s internal portal. A social club may be established if it involves legit leisure, cultural, and entertainment activities participated by 12 or more employees to encourage employees to keep fit and balance their work and leisure life.

icon_teamSalary and Benefits

  • Compensation System: Empoyee remunerations are based on laws and regulations stipulated in Taiwan and China. Salary standards and extent of adjustments are not influenced by gender, race, religion, political affiliation, marital status, and union membership. The Remuneration Committee periodically participates in salary surveys to examine the association between employees’ salary and welfare measures and those of the market. Every year, employee bonus is appropriated according to the company’s business performance and is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and resolution at the shareholders’ meeting. These measures are expected to attract, retain, and motivate outstanding employees.
  • Wefare System: Comprehensive welfare measures are provided and arranged by the Welfare Committee. For employees working in Taiwan headquarters, the benefits include labor and health insurance, maternity and paternity leaves (or parental care leave), group insurance, birthday and festive gifts, club funding, employee travel subsidies, employee canteen, gym, English course subsidies, and breastfeeding room. These benefits are superior to the requirements set by the Labor Standards Act. To boost employees' relations with their families and children, movie screenings are held every quarter and employees' families are encouraged to participate. Kunshan employees are entitled to maternity and paternity leaves, leave for female employees to breastfeed their babies at home, and various social insurance protection in accordance with local laws and regulations. In addition to employee travel subsidies and birthday gifts, allowances based on employees' job position are also provided.
  • Parenta Care Leave: The Company has complied with the Act of Gender Equality in Employment and formulated the Regulations for Implementing Unpaid Parental Leave for Raising Children, which state that employees with one year or more of work experience at Getac can apply for a maximum of 2 years of unpaid parental care leave before their children turn three years-old. After the completion of their unpaid parental care leave, Getac will arrange for them to be reinstated and update them on the company's latest happenings.
  • Retirement Pan: Retirement applications and approvals are based on the Labor Standard Act and the Labor Pension Act. In pursuant to relevant regulations, Getac files report and contributes pension to dedicated pension account of the Bank of Taiwan (applicable to the old pension system) or employees’ personal pension account (applicable to the new pension system).


icon_teamTraining and Talent Fostering


  • Panning of Training Programs: Getac advocates the 5C1L Core Competencies as employees’ guidelines to self-cultivation and realization. Comprehensive training courses are offered for talent cultivation. New employees must undertake training courses for new hires, while each department unit is subject to professional training on R&D design, legal affairs, marketing, and finance and accounting. Management levels also regularly receive training on management practices, regulatory updates, anti-corruption, and social corporate responsibilities. Employees working at the production base must undergo a three-level safety training program that focuses on occupational health and safety, emergency responses, and use of labor protective equipment.
  • Performance Evauation: All employees are required to establish, at the beginning of the year, departmental and individual performance goals based on the company's strategies and their career development plans, then examine the implementation results in the middle of the year, and adjust these goals according to the company's business performance. Employee self-assessment and supervisor performance evaluation are conducted at the end of the year. The evaluation results will serve as the standard for salary determination and adjustment.

icon_teamOccupational Health and Safety

  • An absoutely safe workplace is Getac's duty to each and every one of its employees and their spouses. The office area in Taiwan headquarters and production base in Kunshan are respectively managed by the Safety and Health Office and the Administration and Workplace Safety Departments. The annual performance goal was to achieve zero incidents of occupational deaths and diseases.
  • Getac has introduced the OHSAS18001 Occupationa Safety and Health Management System, which provides details on emergency response procedures, occupational safety and health policies, and labor health regulations. Additionally, safety meetings and workplace safety performance inspection meetings are convened to facilitate realizing the responsibility system for safety in production.
  • Occupationa Safety and Health Policy and relevant standard operating procedures are formulated to regularly conduct inspection and management of the workplace, focusing on dangerous equipment as well as the air, water quality, noise level, and lighting quality of the work environment. Regarding occupational safety education, in addition to annual fire drills, workplace safety and health training programs are reinforced on a periodic basis to prevent the occurrence of occupational hazards.
  • Occupationa Disease Risk Prevention: Our headquarters in Taiwan does not offer job posts that pose high health risks to employees. To encourage independent health management among employees, employee health checkup is held every two years. Risks of occupational disease at our production bases in Kunshan include noise, dust, organic solvent, and other hazardous factors. The workplace safety division is responsible for ensuring that the work environment is adequately equipped with protective devices. All employees must undergo health examinations when they report for duty, during their employment period, and when they resign.
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