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Providing advanced technology is a commitment we make to create a better life for humans. Getac fulfills its duties as a corporate citizen while devoting dedication to the spirit of "giving back what is taken from society". It actively promotes charitable causes with the goals of supporting the disadvantaged and fostering future talents.

7bb025b1f6cf75718eb49fa9fc4d41cfThe Y.S. Award of the Y.S. Educational Foundation

Based on its philosophy of cultivating future digital talents, Getac and its affiliates cooperated to launch the Y.S. Award Competition as of 2003, which provides college and university students a stage on which they can showcase their skills and creativity. The Y.S. Award Competition comprises three categories of software application, industrial design, and micro-movies. Each year, themes relating to industrial trends, cultural heritage, and environmental concerns are developed. Prestigious industry experts are invited to act as judge and interact with students to share their experience in design and business practices and show these students how to infuse commercial value into their creativity. The purpose of this competition is to facilitate the future development of these students and help the country cultivate new experts in the technology and innovation industry.



7bb025b1f6cf75718eb49fa9fc4d41cfGetac Charity Trust Fund

A Getac Charity Trust Fund was established in 2008 for supporting economically disadvantaged groups and encouraging employee dedication to charity. As at the end of 2016, the fund has donated or invested more than NT$25 million in charitable causes.

7bb025b1f6cf75718eb49fa9fc4d41cfMaking Donations to the Christian Huilong Care Center for Economically Disadvantaged Family
Located in New Taipei City, the Christian Huilong Care Center for Economically Disadvantaged Family shelters more than 80 children from economically disadvantaged families, providing them a safe and comfortable place to learn after school and enjoy their dinner with company.At the end of 2015, Getac assisted these children with building an educational platform, providing them with tablet computers and network facilities as well as a donation of NT$100,000 to help these children learn more efficiently. In 2016, the Company further donated almost NT$200,000 to purchase refrigerator and rice cooker and sponsored their electricity bill in the summer season and their meals during winter breaks. These charitable efforts are all aimed at enabling children to grow and learn at ease.

7bb025b1f6cf75718eb49fa9fc4d41cfDonations to Kang Le Elementary School
Kang Le Elementary School is located in Xincheng Township of Hualien County, approximately 10 km away from Hualien City. The school has only seven classes, accepting just over 100 students, 67% of whom are indigenous children from single families, raised by grandparents, or low-income households. Heavy financial burden has restrained the learning potential for these children, with some of them unable to afford their school fee nor any basic stationeries or books. Therefore, since 2009 to today, Getac has constantly paid attention to the need of Kang Le Elementary School, collecting donations of stationeries or books in order to provide these children access to better learning resources and environment.


7bb025b1f6cf75718eb49fa9fc4d41cfState-Fund Students of Thailand and Taipei Tzu Chi University

By using its charity trust fund, Getac sponsors students with outstanding academic performance to study at Tzu Chi University in Taiwan. Each student is given NT$100,000 in scholarship for every academic year to cover their miscellaneous expenses and living expenses. Thus, students could enjoy equal educational opportunities.

7bb025b1f6cf75718eb49fa9fc4d41cfSaving Children from Economically Disadvantaged Families in Taoyuan - Learning Without Boundaries

Getac partnered with the World Peace Association to participate in the Saving Children from Economically Disadvantaged Families in Taoyuan - Learning Without Boundaries. In 2016, three children from economically disadvantaged families were sponsored NT$10,000 each to cover their living expenses and needs for education. For various reasons their family fell into financial distress. Children in the same age group could take on extracurricular courses or play around after school, whereas they must go home to tend to their family, help with chores, and bear responsibilities that are beyond their capabilities at this age. Getac hopes to help them to get through a difficult time and to initiate people from the society to see their needs.





7bb025b1f6cf75718eb49fa9fc4d41cfTzu Chi Cultural Arts Camp and Bodhi Seed Character Education Program

Through the Charity Trust Fund, Getac hopes to expand the dimensions of cultural arts education to incorporate children from economically disadvantaged families. Since 2009 to the present day, we have asked Tzu Chi College of Technology to assist with planning aesthetic education activities focusing on the topics of "Love" and "Care" every year during the winter and summer holidays. Through a series of cultural art camping activities and courses, children are taught to do things for a good cause, and learn to develop good manners and positive lifestyles. These activities and courses are integrated with environmental topics such as "Be a Vegetarian and Love the Earth" and "resource recycling" practices, thereby creating a learning environment that is filled with happiness for children from economically disadvantaged families. In 2016, Getac Charity Trust Fund invested NT$600,000 in total to hold four sessions of camping activities, which benefited 245 children in Hualien and Taitung regions and were attended by 115 college students.

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