Sustainability Report


The 2016 Getac Technology Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR) is based on the Core options of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) - G4 framework and AA1000 AccountAbility Principles. Issues that are of concern to stakeholders are reported to stakeholders following a materiality analysis, providing details on strategies, action plans, and implementation outcomes with respect to economic, environmental, and social issues to demonstrate the Company’s determination in implementing sustainable management philosophy. To enhance stakeholder trust in the information presented in this Report, TUV NORD was commissioned to verify the content of this Report, and confirmed that this Report is in accordance with the core options of the GRI G4 framework and AA1000 Type 1 moderate-level assurance.

Stakeholder Identification

Getac identifies its major stakeholders by following the concepts of value creation, balance of interest, and sustainable development as well as the Stakeholder Engagement Standard (SES).

The Chairman, James Hwang, gathers his senior executives and performs questionnaire surveys during meetings where they engage in discussions based on five principles of dependency, responsibility, influence, diverse perspectives, and tension to investigate the degree of association between various types of stakeholders and corporate operations. After the identifying process, Getac defines five categories of stakeholders: Customers/resellers/distributors, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and government.

Identifying Material Aspects

To implement CSR and ensure that Getac's CSR policies can closely meet stakeholders' expectations and requirements, Getac identified 48 sustainability issues and conducted questionnaire survey on five categories of stakeholders. A total of 232 questionnaires were retrieved. Following quantitative analysis of the questionnaires, the 48 issues were ranked in order of importance, and the rankings were subsequently presented in the form of matrix, where the horizontal axis represents the degree of impact and the vertical axis represents the level of attention. Finally, the Chairman gathered relevant departments to rank and identify 16 key sustainability issues based on the Company’s core value, sustainable development strategy, and the belief of prospering with the community, which were then corresponded to the material aspects of GRI G4. The 16 material aspects are the highlights of this year's CSR report. We adopted the plan, do, check, and action (PDCA) approach to formulate management guidelines. The strategic goals, management, and performance were disclosed.

Category No. Material Aspects Within the organization Outside of the organization
Getac Taiwan
MPTK production site GTK production site Suppliers
Material Suppliers Production Contractors Other Contractors
Economic 1 Economic Performance      
2 Intellectual Property Rights      
Environmental 3 Effluents and Waste  
4 Compliance  
Human Rights 5 Child Labor
6 Supplier Human Rights Assessment
Labor 7 Labor-Management Relations
8 Occupational Health and Safety v
9 Training and Education      
Society 10 Anti-corruption      
11 Compliance      
Product 12 Customer Health and Safety      
13 Product and Service Labeling      
14 Marketing Communications      
15 Customer Privacy      
16 Compliance      

Stakeholder Communication Channels

To implement CSR and integrate the needs and expectations of shareholders into Getac’s CSR policies, the Company sets up diverse range of communication channels for stakeholders to communicate CSR-related issues concerning the dimensions of environment, society, and corporate governance. Meanwhile, stakeholder opinions were compiled to provide a reference for developing or revising CSR policies

Stakeholder Issues of Concerns Communication Channels Frequency Getac's Response Methods
  • Training and Education
  • Labor-Management Relations
  • Environmental regulatory compliances
  • Occupational health and safety
Performance appraisal Annually Setup different types of communication channels to listen to the voices of employees; implement comprehensive performance evaluation system to facilitate communication among management levels.
Internal announcement Immediately
Employee meeting Once a year
Labor management meeting Regular
Supervisor meeting/training Regular
Employee consultation hotline Immediately
Customers/distributors Customer privacy
Product regulatory compliances
Social regulatory compliances
Customer Service section on corporate website Immediately
  • Establish customer service hotline and mailbox
  • Hold distributor meeting on Getac products
  • Auditing conducted by customers on Getac following the EICC
  • Regularly conduct customer satisfaction survey
  • Questionnaire survey on CSR-related issues
Non-disclosure agreement Immediately
Telephone customer service hotline Immediately
Distributor meeting Regular
Consumer service mailbox Immediately
  • Procurement practice
  • Assessment of suppliers' environmental protection policies
  • Environmental regulatory compliances
  • Supplier environmental assessment
Regular onsite supplier inspection Immediately
  • Questionnaire survey on CSR-related issues
  • Supplier signs procurement contract
Supplier procurement contract Immediately
Supplier audits Immediately
Supplier query mailbox Immediately
Investors (Shareholders)
  • Social regulatory compliances
  • Economic performance
  • Environmental regulatory compliances
  • Labor-Management Relations
Shareholder's Meeting/investor conference Annually
  • Announce financial information according to law
  • Annual report disclosure on corporate website
  • Designated personnel respond to investors' inquiries
Corporate website and Market Observation Post System Immediately
Investor query mailbox/hotline Immediately
  • Effluents and waste
  • Environmental regulatory compliances
  • Social regulatory compliances
Official documents Immediately
  • Comply and communicate relevant matters
  • Participate in governmental regulatory meetings to understand implementation of laws and regulations
  • Participate in eight sessions of courses by Taiwan Stock Exchange
Regulatory meetings and training seminars Regular
  • CSR Questionnaire

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    Irene Sun
    Corporation Relations Office

  • Irregular Business Conduct Reporting

    Lisa Kung
    Director of Auditing Office