Sustainability Report


Getac believes that an ethical corporate culture is the foundation of sustainability for a company. Therefore, business conducts must be based on the highest moral standard. In addition to the Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies, the Company formulated the Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles and Code of Ethical Conduct for Directors and Supervisors in 2016. Both principles have been approved by the Board of Directors on January 13, 2017, providing a business ethics and ethical management standard with which directors, supervisors, and all employees can comply.

Getac’s Ethical Management Best Practice Principles require directors, supervisors, managers, employees, mandataries, and substantial controllers to adhere to the principles of ethical management when conducting business activity, strictly abide by law, and refrain from engaging in unethical conducts, including offering or accepting of bribes, providing illegal political donations, engaging in unfair competitive practices, infringing the intellectual property rights of others, and providing products and services that damage the health and safety of others.

The Code of Ethical Conduct for Directors and Supervisors also stipulate that the Company’s directors, supervisors, and managers must be in compliance with rules preventing conflicts of interest, prohibition of personal gains, protection of company and client secrets, and fair trade. If directors, supervisors and managers violate the Code of Ethical Conduct, the Company shall handle matters required by law, and without delay disclose on the Market Observation Post System position and name of the violator, the date of the violation by the violator, reasons for the violation, the provisions of the code violated, and the disciplinary actions taken.

To ensure that all employees are fully aware of the Company’s value in ethical management and provisions concerning anti-corruption, the Company stipulates in the Employee Code of Conduct that all employees shall render services with integrity and may not engage in embezzlement, stealing of company property, and disclosing of company secrets. When conducting business with customers and suppliers, employees may not request or accept contracts, bribes, or any other improper benefits nor engage in improper endowments with customers and suppliers. If employees are found to have violated such regulations, they shall be subject to Employee Disciplinary Guidelines. In severe cases, the Company may without prior notice terminate the labor contract with such employee. Employees involved in criminal offense shall be brought to justice and shall be liable for relevant damage compensation.


Regarding external governance, Getac has, since 2010, been requesting suppliers to sign the “Most Favorable Treatment and No-Corruption Guarantee Agreement”. We will continue to ask our suppliers to sign letters of undertaking relevant to sustainability issues. In compliance with the EICC, MPTK production site formulated the Supplier Code of Conduct in 2014, which incorporates environmental, social, and corporate governance requirements, requesting upstream suppliers to adhere and implement such requirements.

icon_teamWhistleblowing System

To dispose of and prevent illegal matters violating ethical management or corruption policies, Getac mandates explicit rewarding and punishment system and simultaneously announce the Anti-Corruption Informant Regulation, which provides a comprehensive whistleblowing system. The auditor shall setup a Project Investigation Committee to conduct investigation three days after receiving the filed report. If the report is found to be true, in addition to requesting relevant division to make improvements before the specified deadline, the Committee shall impose punishment on the involved individual pursuant to the law and shall take legal action against the individual to seek for damage compensation and serve as warning for others.

Getac has established a mailbox for internal and external individuals to provide feedback or report violations of integrity and code of ethical conduct. The reporting mailbox is specified in supplier contracts. The informant will be given a maximum reporting reward of NT$200,000 or 5% of the loss amount. The report or relevant information will be strictly kept confidential to protect the informant against threat, intimidation, retaliation, or other illegal act. Such illegal act against the Informant shall be severely punished pursuant to the law.


icon_teamLegal compliance

Getac strictly abides by regulatory laws relating to corporate governance and integrity management, environmental protection, and labor human rights to implement civic and law-related education within the organization. There were no penalties due to violation of law in 2016:

  • Environmenta penalties and related disputes
  • Significant penaties or non-monetary sanction due to legal violation
  • Product or service in vioation of consumer health and safety laws and principles
  • Product or service in vioation of information or labeling laws and principles
  • Significant fines due to vioation of laws and regulations relevant to provision or use of products or services
  • Marketing activities (incuding advertising, promotion, and sponsorships) in violation of relevant laws and principles
  • Vioation of bribery policies, anti-competitive behaviors, anti-trust and anti-monopoly laws and regulations.
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