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Getac received the prestigious HR Asia Award as the Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2019


The award ceremony of the 7th HR Asia Best Companies To Work For, Taiwan Edition was held on June 28th, and announced the new winners’ list. Getac Technology Corporation passed with high scores, winning as the Best Company to Work for in Taiwan. This year, HR Asia evaluated the employees’ engagement as well as the strength of connection with the following perspectives: “core” (organization leadership, cultural ethics and self-achievements), “self” (feeling, motive and behavior) and “team” (team communication and cohesiveness). Getac’s performance in these perspectives was above average. More importantly, in the aspect of “the company encourages employees to increase their worth and learn continuously,” Getac almost scored full marks, indicating Getac’s cognition and assurance regarding its endeavors to promote employees’ learning internally.

Under the conditions of rapid changes and continuous high-tech innovations, professional talents are expected to have more diverse capabilities. Through the dual endeavor of “professional know-how” and “soft power,” employees are encouraged to keep increasing their worth. In the aspect of professional know-how, the latest technology and market trends are introduced systematically through the Getac technology forum. The promotion of inter-departmental learning allows colleagues to grow and transform, contributing to Getac’s forward momentum. Regarding management, it works to cultivate the employees’ soft power by promoting “temperature of communication” and through other training sessions. While enhancing internal communication and cooperation, it also promotes efficiency when it comes to decision making. In the evaluation, Getac scored higher than average in the criteria of “team cooperation.” This is the result of emphasizing long-term team cooperation.

James Hwang, the Chairman/President of Getac, expressed, “We have encouraged employees to learn continuously without hesitation while embracing diversity and challenging complexities. Through communication, we encourage our teams to deepen their mutual understanding of each other. All of us are dashing towards the same direction. From goals, strategies to employees, everything is connected, forming a line. We know where we are going and why we are going there together. We hope that each employee grows continuously while in Getac. Through courage, passion and strength, each one of us will become a real leader. I expect more brilliant professional talents to join Getac. Together, we can continue to explore the leading international brand.”