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Sustainability Report



Providing advanced technology is a commitment we make to create a better life for humans. Getac fulfills its duties as a corporate citizen while devoting dedication to the spirit of "giving back what is taken from society". It actively promotes charitable causes with the goals of supporting the disadvantaged and fostering future talents.

Caring For Disadvantaged Groups

Every year, the Board of Directors will reserve a special portion of our profit and donate it to the Getac Charity Trust Fund, which uses these funds to support disadvantaged groups and encourage Getac employees to do good deeds. Since its establishment in 2008, the Getac Charity Trust Fund has donated a total of NT$27.65 million.


In addition to supporting social welfare institutions and disadvantaged groups, we also participate in other forms of social charity activities, show care for community development and social work, support volunteer services and environmental protection and recycling initiatives, as a way of giving back to society.

1.  Funding The Education Of Overseas Students
In 2017, a total of seven students from Chiang Mai, Thailand, received funding for their studies at Taiwanese universities, where they enjoyed equal education opportunities.

2. Supporting Social Welfare Institutions
In 2017, Getac made donations to the Down Syndrome Association R.O.C., the Huashan Social Welfare Foundation, the Blind Education Concerns Association of Taipei, as well as other socially disadvantaged groups.

3. Supporting Aesthetic Education Activities
Since 2009, Getac has sponsored the activities of Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology, assisting in the organizing of arts and cultural activities and education during the summer and winter vacations. In 2017, we invested NT$1.15 million to help sponsor 64 children from economically disadvantaged families in Hualien and Taitung to participate in camping activities.

4. Supporting Care Center For Economically Disadvantaged Family
The Christian Huilong Care Center for Economically Disadvantaged Family in New Taipei City shelters more than 80 children from economically disadvantaged families. Getac has been funding the care center since 2015, with the hope of helping these children to learn and develop.



Cultivating Industrial Experts

The Y.S. Award Of The Y.S. Educational Foundation
etac and its affiliates have cooperated to organize the Y.S. Award since 2003. 2017 marked the 14th year of the competition. The theme for this year was "A Smart Tomorrow," which was aimed at encouraging new participants to showcase their creativity with popular technologies, such as IoT, augmented reality (AR), virtual personal assistant (VPA), and artificial intelligence. We hope that experience gained from the competition will help these rising stars to shine in the innovation industry.

About Y.S. Award
Based on its philosophy of cultivating future digital talents, the Y.S. Award Competition provides college and university students a stage on which they can showcase their skills and creativity. The Y.S. Award Competition comprises three categories of software application, industrial design, and micro-movies. Each year, themes relating to industrial trends, cultural heritage, and environmental concerns are developed. Prestigious industry experts are invited to act as judge and interact with students to share their experience in design and business practices and show these students how to infuse commercial value into their creativity. The purpose of this competition is to facilitate the future development of these students and help the country cultivate new experts in the technology and innovation industry.
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