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Sustainability Report


Commitment To Sustainability

Climate change resulting from global warming has affected the development of industrial and economic policies around the world, and has also led to changes in terms of laws and regulations. Enterprises must not only elevate their core competitiveness and operational capabilities, they must also pay attention to the status of sustainability issues, and improve their economic, environmental, and social practices, in order to be able to grow in the dramatically changing industrial environment.

China's economy has grown rapidly in recent years. The new 13th Five-Year Plan promises to reduce 18% of carbon emissions by 2020, and simultaneously sets out to develop renewable energy resources. These efforts will inevitably influence Taiwanese businesses located in China and create more challenges to their business operations. According to an investigation by consulting company Innosight, the S&P 500 average corporate lifespan was 33 years in 1964, and 24 years in 2016. This number is expected to shrink to 12 years by 2027, while the number of longer lifespan companies is also decreasing. The investigation showed that there are serious obstacles impeding the path toward sustainable management; businesses must incorporate sustainable practices in their business management in order to ensure competitiveness in corporate sustainability.

Getac believes that the promotion of sustainable practices requires the input of everyone's intelligence and efforts. Getac supports and abides by the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) and the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA, formerly EICC) Code of Conduct in its daily operations, but also in our supply chain management, in order to encourage more people to assume their responsibility as corporate citizens. Furthermore, Getac has also started combining the company's sustainability policy with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in an effort to create a better planet.

Identification Of Stakeholders

Getac adopts an attentive, communicative, understanding, and responsible attitude when communicating with stakeholders. Each department normally interacts with stakeholders within the scope of their duties, and to delivers their opinions to the company management. In addition, the chairperson of the Corporate Sustainability Development Committee (CSR Committee) calls regular meetings with all committee members every year to identify major stakeholders. This is done by rating the five attributes of stakeholders according to the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard: dependency, influence, diverse perspectives, responsibility, and tension. The assessment results of 2017 showed that the top five major stakeholders of Getac were: employees, customers/distributors, suppliers, investors, and government agencies.

Material Topic Identification And Boundary Setting

With reference to the GRI Standards and the Supplier Codes of Conduct adopted by major international initiatives and benchmark companies, the company identified 28 sustainability issues in 2017 and used these as the basis for a questionnaire survey. Members of the CSR committee were invited to assess the impacts of these issues, and level of attention questionnaires were distributed to stakeholders. These results were cross-analyzed in order to obtain the materiality ranking. The chairperson then called a CSR committee meeting. Referring to the methods of benchmark companies, customer supply chain policy requirements, and international initiatives and trend developments, the members evaluated the ranking results and finally determined the material topics and boundary of disclosure for the year. In 2017, we identified 20 material topics, which is five more than in 2016.

 No   Category Major Material Topic Getac    HQ   Getac
1 Economics Corporate Governance, transparency Of Information  Disclosure V            
2 Economics Economic Performance V V V V V V  
3 Economics Operational Risk Management V            
4 Economics Environmental Compliance V V V V V V  
5 Social Social/ Economic Regulatory Compliance V V V V V V  
6 Economics Information Security V            
7 Social Customer Privacy V            
8 Social Customer Health And Safety V V V V V V  
9 Economics Intellectual Property Rights V            
10 Social Occupational Health & Safety V V V V V V  
11 Economics Anti-corruption V V V V V V V
 12  Environmental Effluents & Waste V V V V V V  
13 Environmental Supplier Environment Assessment V V V V V V V
14 Social Supplier Social Assessment V V V V V V V
15 Social Marketing And Labeling V            
16 Social Child Labor V V V V V V  
17 Social Training & Education V V V V V V  
18 Environmental Emissions V V V V V V  
19 Environmental Energy V V V V V V  
 20  Environmental Water V V V V V V  

icon_teamStakeholder Communications
To implement CSR and integrate the needs and expectations of shareholders into Getac’s CSR policies, the company sets up diverse range of communication channels for stakeholders to communicate CSR-related issues concerning the dimensions of environment, society, and corporate governance. Meanwhile, stakeholder opinions were compiled to provide a reference for developing or revising CSR policies.
Stakeholders   Issues Of Concerns Communication Channels Frequency Getac's Response Methods
Employees          Employment Performance appraisal Annually Setup different types of communication channels to listen to the voices of employees; implement comprehensive performance evaluation system to facilitate communication among management levels.
Occupational health and safety Internal announcement Immediately
Corporate governance Employee meeting  Annually
Information disclosure and transparency Labor management meeting
/Supervisor meeting
Emissions Training  Periodically
Training and education Employee consultation hotline  immediately
Corporate governance Customer service section on corporate website  Immediately
  • Customer service hotline and mailbox 
  • Hold partner conference
  • Auditing conducted by customers on Getac following the RBA
  • Regularly conduct customer satisfaction survey
  • Questionnaire survey on CSR-related issues

Information disclosure and transparency Non-disclosure agreement  Immediately
Information security Telephone customer service
Customer privacy Channel partner conference  Periodically
Customer health and safety        Consumer service mailbox    Immediately
Marketing and labeling    
Environmental & social regulatory compliance    
Suppliers  Corporate governance Supplier visit     Immediately
  • Questionnaire survey on CSR-related issues
  • Supplier signs procurement contract
Information disclosure and transparency Supplier procurement contract Immediately
Information security Supplier audit platform Annually
Customer privacy Supplier query mailbox  Immediately
Customer health and safe    
Supply chain management    
Economic performance Shareholders' meeting
/ Investor conference
  • Announce financial information according to law
  • Investor zone on corporate website
  • Annual report disclosure
  • Designated personnel respond to investors' inquiries
Corporate governance Corporate website and Market Observation post system Immediately
Information disclosure and transparency Investor query mailbox/ Hotline Immediately
Corporate risk management    
Labor management relations    
Freedom of association & collective bargaining    
Government     Corporate governance Official documents 
  • Comply and communicate relevant matters.
  • Participate in governmental regulatory meetings to understand implementation of laws and regulations
  • Participate in courses by Taiwan stock exchang
Information disclosure and transparency Regulatory meetings and training Periodically
Labor management relations Seminars Periodically
Freedom of association & collective bargaining    
Corporate risk  management    
Intellectual property rights    

CSR Contact Information

We sincerely welcome any suggestions regarding this Report.
tel: +886-2-2785-7888#5124
email: getac.csr@getac.com.tw

  • CSR Questionnaire

  • We sincerely welcome any suggestions regarding this Report.

    Irene Sun
    Corporation Relations Office
    Email: Getac.csr@getac.com.tw

  • Irregular Business Conduct Reporting

    Lisa Kung
    Director of Auditing Office
    Email: gtcaudit@getac.com.tw