Sustainability Report


Despite uncertainties in the global economy under the influence of U.S. presidential election and Brexit, Getac upholds robust management practice in strengthening core competitiveness and putting goals and strategies into action. Each of our business divisions take strategic actions according to business goals, such as increasing the use of automated processes, building new business models, and introducing new material and process technologies. We devote maximum effort to achieving utmost business performance. Not only did we earn profits for three consecutive years, but we also set a record high in recent ten years.

As a corporate citizen, Getac Technology Corporation expects to fulfill economic, environmental, and social responsibilities with the determination of sharing benefits with the society. NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that 2016 is the warmest year in history.

As global warming creeps upon us, corporations are exposed to increasing risks of business interruptions due to extreme climate effect. To protect our environment and mitigate impact, Getac supports green production practices aimed at barricading all hazardous substances from the supply chain by advocating zero use of substances that are harmful to the environment. In the areas of energy conservation, we improved manufacturing equipment used in energy-intensive production processes in order to lower energy consumption, with the mid- and long-term goals of using fast and effective methods to reduce energy use and carbon emission.

Regarding corporate governance, Getac is committed to pursuing a perfect corporate governance framework that embraces a management mechanism oriented toward integrity, fairness, justice, and transparency. By implementing the highest standard of ethical business conduct, we ask our directors, supervisors, managers, and employees to comply with ethical management and anti-corruption policies. In 2016, the Company designated two independent director seats on its Board of Directors, hiring external independent directors to exercise supervision from an independent standpoint. Meanwhile, Getac enhances information disclosure and transparency and plans to increase the number of independent directors and sets up an Audit Committee as its mid- and long-term goals.


Getac is grateful to have a robust team serving as the Company’s support. We regard talent as an invaluable source to business creation, and value the importance of equality and human rights in protecting employees’ interests and rights. We prohibit forced labor and child labor, and provide complete training program and welfare system as a means of cultivating talent, cherishing professionalism, and retaining the skilled. To achieve zero occupational casualties, the Company builds a friendly, safe workplace to protect and maintain employees’ physical and mental health.

We insist on doing the right thing and striving forward with determination mindset to become an internationally renowned enterprise. Using the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition Code of Conduct (EICC) as the basis, Getac works with its suppliers to take responsibility in sustaining the environment, and continues to create value for its stakeholders. We would like to express our gratitude for everyone's support and encouragement, and we welcome any advice you have for us in the future.


James Hwang
Chairman, Getac Technology Corporation



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