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Getac Organization Structure


Management Team

Title Name Education & Work Experience Adjunct Position
James Hwang ◎ M.S. in Electrical engineering, Utah State University
◎ B.S. in Electrical engineering, National Taiwan University
◎ Vice President ,MiTAC International Corporation
◎ President & Supervisor of Management Center, Getac Technology Corporation
◎ Director, Waffer Technology Corporation
Vice Chairman Francis Tsai ◎B.S in Computer and Control Engineering Department, Chiao-Tung University
◎Vice President, LianTong Electronics Ltd.
◎Vice President of Sales, MiTAC Inc.
◎Vice Chairman, MiTAC InternationalTechnology Corporation
◎Chairman and CEO, Getac Technology Corporation
◎Vice Chairman, Getac Technology Corporation
◎Chairman, Waffer Technology CorporationChairman, National Aerospace Fasteners
◎CorporationIndependent Diretcor, Winbond Electronics Corp.
Senior Vice President Rick Hwang ◎ MBA, City University of New York
◎ Managing Director, Intel Corporation
◎ Senior Vice President, Rugged Solution Business Unit, Getac Technology Corporation
Vice President Rowina Lee ◎ B.S in International Business, National Chengchi University
◎ Vice President of sales, Rugged Solution Business Unit, Getac Technology Corporation
Vice President Dragon Chang ◎ Master, Institute of Commerce Automation and Management (ICAM), National Taipei University of Technology
◎ Director, Purchasing Center of Getac Technology Corporation
◎ Vice President, Power Business Unit, Getac Technology Corporation
Vice President

Eddie Wu

◎ EMBA, Department of Business Administration, National Chengchi University

◎ B.S in Bioenvironmental System Engineering, National Taiwan University

◎ Sales Manager, Wang Laboratories

◎ Director, OEM Department, Microsoft Taiwan

◎ General Manager, Consumer Channels Group, Microsoft Taiwan

◎ General Manager, Global Partner device Group, Microsoft Greater China and Asia

◎ Vice President , AIoT Business Unit, Getac Technology Corporation

CFO    Sharon Wang ◎M.S. in Finance, Golden Gate University
◎B.A. in Sociology, National Taiwan University
◎Finance Director , Qisda Corporation
◎CFO & AVP, Creative Sensor Inc.
◎Sr. Director, Finance & Accounting Center, Getac Technology Corporation