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Stakeholder Concern Questionnaire of Getac’s Corporate Sustainability Report

Given that CSR is a fast evolving and developing field, it is vital that Getac continues to re-evaluate our CSR priorities to ensure their relevance to our stakeholders. As a key stakeholder, your help in filling in the questionnaire below is central to this so that we can hear your views. Your feedback will be treated as confidential and will help to steer the focus of our CSR approach.

I. Please indicate your relationship with Getac or its key affiliated companies?:
II. In the following questions, please rate the importance of each CSR issues on a scale of 1-5:
(1) Very Low, (5) Very High.

III. Please feel free to write down any opinion you might have concerning Getac’s CSR management approaches and sustainability report, if any.
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  • CSR Questionnaire

  • Getac Responds To SDGs

    Getac Responds To SDGs

  • We sincerely welcome any suggestions regarding this Report.

    Irene Sun
    Director of Corporation Relations Office
    Email: Getac.csr@getac.com.tw

  • Irregular Business Conduct Reporting

    Lisa Kung
    Director of Auditing Office
    Email: gtcaudit@getac.com.tw